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Just 1 Final Step To Activating the 3 Pillars in Fearless Living Academy...
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Fearless Habits - Value $300

Fearless Purpose - Value $599

Fearless Impact - Value $300

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Got any questions about this? Get your answers…
  • Is this one of those programs that will take months to get through before kinda / maybe / sort of seeing a result?
    This program is designed to meet you where you are and help you take action on the “next best step” towards building better habits, deepening your purpose, and creating more impact.

    While it's true that the 3 core learning tracks and 200+ hours of training inside Fearless Living Academy will help you create powerful shifts in your life ...

    The first “oh hell yeah” moments can start within hours of getting your login on the next page.

    In fact, I’d recommend you join now and dive right into The Fearless Path Manifesto, a primer course that my head coach, Coyote Jackson has put together and will send to you right after you join to get you going. This course outlines some of the ways you can set yourself up for success, identify where to start on the path, and how to begin taking immediate action.
  • Can’t I just hire you or someone else as a personal coach? Is this something you offer?
    You can. And perhaps one day you will.

    Thing is … private coaching isn’t something that’s in reach for everybody, and even for those who wish to work with me and my team in this capacity — we only have limited openings throughout the year, and can only work with so many people at any given time before we reach capacity.

    My team and I designed Fearless Living Academy to be accessible to as many people as possible and to level the playing field in making sure that everyone has a starting point that is not only affordable, but also effective and can deliver results.

    And in the future it’s highly likely that we’ll only accept new 1:1 or group coaching students who have shown personal commitment by playing full out inside the academy.

    So commit to fearless living today.
  • What's your guarantee?
    We’re absolutely confident that The Fearless Living Academy will create a

    powerful path for you towards better habits, deeper purpose, and greater impact in the world.

    That said, if for whatever reason things just aren’t resonating with you,

    you’ll have 30 days to request a full refund.

"I have found my own being, my own power. I have become mindful of how I approach anything in life"
Aisha Memon
Zen Habits Community Member

"The inner voice in my head is compassionate and filled with empathy (for self) and for others. I am so grateful to Leo Babauta for all that he does. Thank you. Your impact reaches far!"

"I am less anxious and able to breathe more easily"
Sujit Kumar
Zen Habits Community Member

"I am more positive and mindful. Leo’s teaching style is non-intrusive and allows you to be in charge. It is uplifting and positive, and has worn well with time for me."

"I have found more courage to show up just as I am"
Jutta Jerlich
Zen Habits Community Member

"Leo is someone who helps people see through things, find the core and that piece that is important to you by sharing his own story and being an example, talking about the dilemmas on the way. It gently sinks into you and surprises you next time when you need to show up, doing this differently in a natural way."

"A positive, gentle means of improving your life"
David Ginsburg
Zen Habits Community Member

"It'll happen incrementally, and you'll feel supported by a community that understands how difficult change can be for people. It's helped me to stay focused on eating whole, healthy foods and sticking to a rather intense exercise regimen. In other areas of my life, it's helped me to push through bouts of procrastination when facing difficult projects.”