The Freedom of Lightweight Adventure w/ Leo Babauta and Special Guests

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  • Is this only for remote workers/nomads?
    I believe everyone that would like to explore more travel will benefit from this.

    If you are looking to experience the joys of travel, and open yourself up to possibility, and higher levels of creativity, while avoiding the pitfalls of stress that often can accompany these endeavors, then I wholeheartedly believe you’ll find this workshop series to be supportive and inclusive.
  • I’m not sure if I can make all the sessions live -- can I watch the recordings later?
    Yes, of course.

    We’ll be sharing the recording of both 2-hour sessions, as well as the bonus interview with Jimmy Hayes (Minaal Bags) shortly after the completion of the workshops.

    While we’d love to have you join us live for as much as possible of the content, and for the Q&As, I’m confident that this workshop series will still deliver a ton of value on its own in the form of the recordings.

    My recommendation:

    If you are looking to unlock new levels of creativity in your work and your overall experience of satisfaction in life through travel …

    Register today for a single payment of $97 and join us in experiencing the freedom of lightweight travel.

  • Can you tell me more about the bonus interview with Jimmy Minaal?
    As a reminder, with your workshop purchase, you’ll also receive a special bonus interview I recorded earlier this week with Jimmy Hayes, co-founder of Minaal Bags.

    Minaal has created my absolute favorite backpack in the world, and Jimmy has traveled extensively as a nomad and digital entrepreneur, leaving his home of New Zealand to live in places like Vietnam and Japan.

    I was fortunate enough to meet Jimmy on a train trip in Japan with a group of friends, and we ended up spending many hours talking about family, business, and creating something meaningful.

    He’s an expert in crowdfunding, the digital nomad community, and creating a business that stands for something.

    In this audio interview, we dive deeply into …

    How the importance of travel gear increases you increase your travel
    Minimalism vs practical, and how Jimmy’s approach to packing has shifted over time.
    How travel is shifting at this phase of the pandemic
    Key tools & setup for working while traveling
    Fundamentals of working with a remote team.
    Register today for The Freedom of Lightweight Adventure.
  • Is this part of the Fearless Living Academy Membership?
    Fearless Living Academy is our signature offering for anyone looking to build better habits, deepen into purpose, and create more impact. This workshop is a separate offering from what we share in this community and is not included.
  • What is your refund policy?
    There are no refunds for this workshop series. Please only sign up if you plan to attend, or are OK with watching the provided recordings which you will be provided following the end of the event.

What You'll Receive:

  • Two 2-hour recorded workshop sessions w/ Leo & Special Guests.
  • A special bonus interview with Minaal Bags co-founder, Jimmy Hayes

Together We'll Be Exploring:

  • How to travel light 
  • The best gear for traveling light 
  •  Tips for working while traveling while staying focused and free of stress. 
  • How to create organized but fun adventures with your family and friends while traveling.


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  • 1xThe Freedom of Lightweight Adventure$97

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